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Oklahoma has fairly liberal gun laws. As an “open-carry” state, you are free to buy and openly carry guns without a permit. Guns are still regulated by the state, however, which governs who is allowed to carry guns and where they may carry them. Certain other weapons are generally banned, such as switchblades. Although some weapons offenses are charged as misdemeanors, any crime that is committed by using a weapon is most often charged as a felony. Jail or prison time, substantial fines, and a permanent criminal record are all real possibilities if you have been charged with a gun crime or other weapons offense.

If you have been charged with a weapon offense, a trial-proven former prosecutor at Nichols Dixon can assess the evidence against you. Whether your case ultimately calls for skillful negotiation to achieve manageable consequences or well-prepared trial defense in the effort to win an acquittal, one of our Norman weapons charges defense attorneys will be with you every step of the way.

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Weapons Charges in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, you must have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. If stopped by law enforcement, you must tell the officer that you are armed. It is also a criminal offense to sell or give a gun to a minor or for a parent to allow a minor to possess one. Both the parent and the child may be charged with a crime in these cases. Convicted felons, the mentally ill, and habitual criminal offenders are also not allowed to own or possess a gun.

Places where guns are generally prohibited include:

  • Bars and restaurants where alcohol is served
  • Government buildings
  • Jails and prison
  • Private and public schools
  • Sports arenas
  • Casinos

Offenses involving the above carry penalties of jail or prison time and fines of up to $5,000 depending on the situation.

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You can turn to Nichols Dixon for informed, resourceful advocacy if you have been charged with any state or federal weapons offense, including unlawful possession, carrying a concealed weapon, and extremely serious violent offenses such as assault with a deadly weapon, robbery with a firearm, or possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony.

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