Police Lights

Christmas-Light Crash Leads to Arrest

A woman in Elk City, Oklahoma, was taken into police custody on Dec. 24 after crashing her car through an Elk City park's light display. The woman claimed to have had one beer before crashing the car.

No people were injured in the crash. The woman drove through Ackley Park's Christmas light display, a Christmas-themed railroad track, some character cutouts and a brick wall. A police officer who was called to the park following the incident located her vehicle. The vehicle was on the edge of a pond in the park. The woman said she was not from Elk City and didn't know her way around, though reports did not indicate where she was from or what she was doing in the park.

The driver said she had had one beer prior to the incident. She was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, but formal drunk driving charges have yet to be filed. No information on the speed of the vehicle at the time of the accident has been released, and information on the woman's blood alcohol content was not made available.

The woman may not be charged for DUI depending on her blood alcohol content. One beer can result in a BAC percentage that is above the legal limit, depending on the strength of the beer, the time it was consumed, and the size and metabolism of the person who drank it. However, most people are not legally intoxicated after just one drink. The woman's unfamiliarity with the area likely contributed to the crash as well. A DUI defense lawyer could help the woman get the charges against her drop for lack of evidence.

Source: Daily Journal, "Elk City police arrest woman who crashed through city's Christmas light display at park", December 24, 2013