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Are you a grandparent whose grandchild has been abused or neglected by his or her parents? Are you ready to actively seek custody of a grandchild or pursue reasonable access to this child under Oklahoma law?

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An experienced family law attorney can help. At Nichols Dixon, our attorneys are proven professionals sensitive to your needs and adept at navigating the legal system effectively. Our Norman grandparents' rights lawyers bring many years of experience, proven skills, and responsive personal service to a full range of complex family law issues.

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What Rights Can I Petition for as a Grandparent in OK?

A lawyer at Nichols Dixon will listen carefully as you explain your goals and describe your emotional bond with your grandchild.

We strive to offer sound counsel and a strategy directed toward:

  • Establishing a visitation plan that enables you to see your grandchild and play an active part in his or her life
  • Pursuing legal adoption of a grandchild
  • Establishing a guardianship that will allow you to make important decisions and act legally on a grandchild's behalf — typically when biological parents cannot or will not handle these responsibilities

When a Grandparent Must Step in for the Best Interests of the Child

A child suffers when parents engage in physical or verbal abuse, suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, or otherwise fail to fulfill their responsibilities. In some cases, a protective order is not sufficient to ensure a child's safety and grandparents must step in. In others, grandparents are compelled to stand in or take over for parents stationed overseas in the military.

Dedicated Attorneys to Defend Your Rights as a Grandparent

The Norman grandparents’ rights attorneys at Nichols Dixon are committed to helping children get the best care and attention possible — and to helping grandparents care for them when that is best. This dedication includes providing honest answers and practical projections about each client's chances for success through legal action.

You can benefit from a consultation with a skilled lawyer focused on your specific needs and goals as a grandparent. The phone number to call is (405) 294-1511.


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