Defending Your Assets & Interests in Divorce

Are you seeking practical, lasting solutions to issues involving the division of assets, property, and debt in divorce? Do you need a property division lawyer in Norman who will take the time to analyze your specific situation and help you plan for the future? Have questions about the divorce process?

Complex family law challenges like these can be overwhelming to consider at such a difficult time in your life — especially when real estate, investments, business interests, or other complex assets are involved. A conscientious, caring family law attorney can ease the burden, spell out your options, and work to defend your interests.

Solid counsel is available from our experienced attorneys at Nichols Dixon. Our firm has successfully served a broad range of family law clients in Seminole and Cleveland counties – and we look forward to serving you.

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Upfront Planning & Advocacy to Keep You in Control

A wide range of factors may determine the property division settlement that is right for you. At Nichols Dixon, we carefully consider all matters the court may consider when distributing property.

The court is likely to consider:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Valuations for marital and separate property
  • The ages of each spouse
  • Each party's mental and physical health

Leaving the task of dividing your assets and possessions to a judge who cannot identify with your legal goals is an uncertain and risky proposition. It is important to define your property division goals and obtain a fair settlement the first time, as this facet of divorce cannot be "corrected" by a modification.

Seek Guidance from a Firm That Cares

Attorney Drew Nichols and the rest of our Norman property division attorneys are determined to protect your rights in every aspect of your divorce.

This includes the valuation and distribution of:

  • Real estate such as primary and secondary residences, a vacation home, retirement home, rental properties, and any commercial property
  • Business valuation of closely held, family-owned companies
  • Motor vehicles
  • Pensions and retirement income
  • Deferred income, stocks, stock options, and bonds
  • Family heirlooms, art, and collectibles

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