What Should I Do if My Child Refuses Visitation?

Life after divorce can be difficult for you if you have children. They may have a hard time adjusting to the new changes and harbor some resentment toward one or both parents, especially if they believe one of you is more responsible for the divorce. However, regardless of the conflict and tension in your family, it is crucial to comply with your child custody order. Keep in mind that you are their parent and it is your responsibility to make them reasonably available for visitation, even on days when they may be less than cooperative. Otherwise, you may face contempt charges.

Making Your Children Available for Visitation

Unless you have reason to believe that your children are refusing visitation due to an unsafe environment in their other parent’s home, you must comply with the child custody order. Perhaps someone in the parent’s household is making them uncomfortable or posing a risk to their safety. If this is the case, you must take the matter to court instead of simply permitting your children to refuse visitation. Non-compliance is not an option. If you allow your children to refuse visitation and your former spouse takes the matter to court, the child custody order may be modified, resulting in less time with your children.

If your former spouse’s home is safe and your children’s wellbeing is not at risk, you should still have a discussion with your children about their feelings and consider involving your former spouse in the conversation. You both want what is best for them, so work together to get down to the bottom of this conflict, so they can continue to grow and thrive in both households.

Discuss the Details of Your Child Custody Case with a Compassionate Family Law Attorney

After a divorce, parents have a responsibility to facilitate visitation and comply with the child custody order. If you believe your children are refusing visitation because your former spouse’s home is unsafe, you need to hire skilled legal counsel immediately. At Nichols Dixon PLLC, our family law team can provide the experienced advice and guidance you need to protect your children and ensure you receive the best possible results for your case. We understand that a family’s troubles do not always end after the finalization of a divorce and are here to help you navigate any issues you may have in the aftermath.

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