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Police Officer Wrecks Cruiser, Alcohol Possibly a Factor

Drunk driving charges don't know any limits. No matter what profession you are in or what your education level, you can face drunk driving charges if you are caught driving after you've had alcohol. In some cases, those charges might not come right away. This is shown in a case out of southwest Oklahoma.

The case involves a 22-year-old police officer who is said to have been traveling at high speeds in his police cruiser. He ended up driving off the roadway. He hit a fence after rolling the cruiser over twice. It took 30 minutes for the Waurika Fire Department to get him unpinned and free.

It is believed that the officer was under the influence, according to the accident report. That notation was made by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper who responded to the scene.

The officer did suffer injuries to his leg, head and trunk. He was airlifted to Oklahoma University Medical from the scene and has already been discharged.

The officer wasn't immediately charged with drunk driving, and it is unclear whether those charges will be forthcoming or not. Instead, the OHP was going to present the information to the district attorney so a determination could be made about what, if any, criminal charges the police officer would face in connection with this incident.

If you are facing the possibility of drunk driving charges, you should work to understand what options you have. This will give you a jump start on your defense so that if you are charged, you will already be at least partially prepared.

Source: News Channel 4 KFOR, "Police officer in S.W. Oklahoma potentially facing DUI charge after crashing police cruiser," Dallas Franklin, Sep. 07, 2016