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Do Fraternities and Sororities Encourage DUIs?

A litany of stereotypes and preconceptions exist that surround Greek life on campus. Perhaps this is why many people with no experience or reliable knowledge of Greek organizations still have strong opinions. One of the most pervasive assumptions about fraternities and sororities is that they encourage members to engage in dangerous binge drinking, and binge drinking can lead to a DUI.

According to a study published in the NASPA Journal, there is a link between excessive drinking and Greek membership. Is it fair, then, to say that members of Greek organizations are more likely to get a DUI? Not necessarily, but you should be aware of drinking that may occur during the following events and ensure that you have a designated driver if you plan to drink:

Rush week 

Every year, sororities and fraternities must recruit new members to join. This period is officially known as recruitment week, but it is more commonly called rush week. It typically happens at the beginning of the school year, and organizations attract new members with events, entertainment and, of course, parties. Rush week parties are notorious for featuring binge drinking, so it is important not to drive if you partake. 

College parties

In addition to rush week parties, sororities and fraternities often feature college parties throughout the year. Some of these are for special occasions, and others are simply for the sake of celebration. If you are attending a college party where there is alcohol present, you should always be careful not to drink too much and not to get drunk if you plan on driving home.

Social events

Fraternities and sororities should not be reduced to their reputation for drinking; most Greek organizations are dedicated to charities and community service. Social events in support of these causes are often held for students and supporters. There may be alcohol served at such events, though it is likely to be in moderation compared to that of a party or rush week.