Handcuffs, car keys, alcohol.

What Are Some DUI Points I Should Know About in Oklahoma?

When you are thought to be driving drunk in Oklahoma, a chain of events starts. You will be asked for your identifying information and then you might be asked to complete a field sobriety test. From there comes your arrest and entry into the criminal justice system. Understanding basic points about DUIs might help you along the way.

Do I have to drive to be charged with DUI?

You don't have to be driving a vehicle to be charged with a DUI. If you are impaired, in the driver's seat of the vehicle and parked, you can be charged with a DUI just the same as if the police officer saw you driving. This is because of a legal concept known as actual physical control.

What drunk driving charges are possible?

There are several drunk driving charges possible. You can face an underage DUI if you aren't yet 21 years old and you have a blood alcohol concentration of .02 percent; however, if your BAC is over .08 percent, you can be charged with a regular DUI. A DUI is reserved for people with a BAC of .08 percent or higher, those who are determined to be impaired by alcohol or drugs, and those who refuse to take a BAC test. An aggravated DUI is for people with a BAC of .15 percent or higher. A driving while intoxicated charge is for people who have a BAC of at least .06 percent.

A DUI charge is a misdemeanor for the first one in a 10-year period. Subsequent charges in that period are felony charges. When you have been charged with one of these crimes, you should work on your side of the case to try to be found not guilty or to minimize the penalties you will have to deal with.

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