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You Might Have Options for Fighting DUI Charges

Drunk driving is something that can signal other problems. As we discussed last week, being arrested for drunk driving could lead to a realization that you have an issue with alcohol. Getting help for that dependency on alcohol could be a key component in making sure that you don't have issues with drunk driving charges in the future.

The fact is that getting help for an alcoholic issue isn't going to stop theĀ drunk driving charges from moving through the court system; however, being willing and able to admit that you have a problem that requires help might help your case in court. We know that alcoholic tendencies can lead people to do things they normally wouldn't do. We are here to help people who have a problem with alcohol to work their way through the court system.

It is possible that you could face having your license suspended or having to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle. We can help you to learn about what the options you have are so that you can make decisions about how you are going to move forward with your case. This might include taking classes, going through rehabilitation or other options that could be available.

Drunk driving charges are very serious charges that can impact your life. This is especially true if you have previous convictions for DUI or were involved in an accident that led to your charge. No matter what the circumstances that surround your case, you don't have to just go through the court process without a plan. We can represent your interests each step of the way.