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Driver's License Suspensions Can Be Counterintuitive

Drivers who are charged or convicted of drunk driving can sometimes have their license suspended. But, is that something that is effective? In some ways, it really isn't. One huge issue with suspending a person's driver's license is that doing so can be counterintuitive.

Think about some of the penalties that people get when they are convicted of a crime. They can face fines, court costs, time in jail or prison and other penalties. Some of the penalties involve having to take classes, go to the probation office or pay money. In order to do those, you need transportation.

The issue of making money to pay fines with a suspended driver's license seems to hit some of the poorest residents the hardest. These are the residents who aren't able to just cover the costs of all of these penalties without being able to work. Some of them can't afford to work because they don't have a way to get there.

With the inability to drive, some people who need to pay fines can't make it to pay those. Others might have trouble making it to classes they have to take. All of this can end up being a revolving door of sorts that keeps them locked into the criminal justice system longer than what should have happened.

For the people who are facing a driver's license suspension, fighting against it is sometimes the course they choose. This can be a complex matter, but it is an undertaking that must begin quickly because of time limits. Knowing how to fight back and determining what you need to do are the first steps.

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