Car Crash

Child Injured in Oklahoma Accident Blamed on Texting

There are many reasons that motor vehicle accidents occur in the state of Oklahoma. Sometimes they are due to things beyond the control of those involved such as the condition of the road. Other times drivers suffer a medical episode of some sort that leads to a loss in control of a vehicle. Most often however, car crashes are due to the behavior of those behind the wheel.

Driver behaviors that lead to car accidents include speeding, ignoring traffic signals and allowing oneself to become distracted by things other than driving. Currently texting is one of the biggest distractions on the road. It is to blame for a crash that occurred earlier this morning in the state that sent a child to the hospital.

The crash happened after midnight when the vehicle in which the child was a passenger experienced car trouble in the form of a flat tire. In an effort to get the car to a service station, the woman behind the wheel drove it slowly down the road. As she did so, the car was rear-ended by a truck. Authorities indicate that they believe the man behind the wheel of that vehicle was in the process of texting when the incident occurred.

The child appeared to suffer injuries to his or her back. Though the extent of those injuries is not known they could result in a civil personal injury lawsuit being filed against the man driving the truck. Should such a legal action be filed, it  would be in addition to the citation he received for inattentive driving.

Source: KFOR-TV, "Texting believed cause of early morning accident," Ted Malave, May 31, 2013