Car Crash

Children Survive Crash Caused by Their Mother's Drunk Driving

Here in Oklahoma, we all know the dangers of drunk driving. Unfortunately, some people continue to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, putting themselves, their passengers and others on the road at risk. Sadly, a weekend drunk driving accident in Clayton showed far too clearly the serious consequences of drunk driving

The accident occurred Sunday evening on U.S. Highway 271. A mother from Antlers was driving her two daughts, 8 and 9 years old, when she began to lose control of her vehicle. She swerved off the left side of the road, tried to get back on track but then swerved off the right side. The car rolled, tossing the 35-year-old mother from the vehicle. 

Tragically, the mother died at the scene of the crash. Her two daughters fortunately survived the crash and were released from the hospital shortly after receiving treatment. As Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers investigated the incident, they said the scent of alcohol was prominent on the mother. They concluded that the collision had been caused by the mother's choice to drive while intoxicated.

There is no doubt that this woman loved her children and never meant to put them in harm's way. However, this accident shows the harsh reality of drinking and driving. No one should ever drive themselves or others if they have been drinking. Even if a person does not feel drunk, he or she may still be too impaired to drive safely. Hopefully drivers in Norman and the rest of Oklahoma will find safe means of transportation if they go out for a drink.

Source: News 9, "Oklahoma Mother Killed in DUI Crash, Daughters Survive," Matthew Nuttle, April 28, 2013