Legal Separation

Why Do Some Couples Choose to Legally Separate Instead of Divorce?

Although divorce and legal separation might seem incredibly similar, the two actually have some very big differences. Understanding your needs and the options available to you will help ensure you make the best decision for your circumstances. Generally, separation is an ideal choice for couples who are unsure if they wish to move forward with a divorce, but would like to live separately in the meantime. However, that is not the only benefit of legal separation nor is it the only reason why married couples choose to separate.

Understanding the Difference

Divorce and legal separation certainly share some similarities, but they have a lot of key differences.

Here are some of the reasons why spouses may choose to legally separate instead of divorce:

  • You and your spouse wish to keep sharing health care plans and other important benefits.
  • Legal separation will allow you and your spouse to continue filing joint tax returns.
  • You and your spouse have spiritual or religious beliefs that do not support divorce, but you still wish to live separately.

Moreover, being legally separated provides an opportunity to see what it would be like if you and your spouse choose to divorce. You may choose to divorce later on or rekindle your marriage if you decide to give your marriage another try.

Here are some reasons why spouses may choose to divorce instead of legally separate:

  • You wish to permanently end your marriage.
  • You or your spouse would like to get married to someone else in the future.
  • You do not have an interest in using each other’s health care benefits.
  • You are already legally separated and would now like to end your marriage after experiencing separation.

Not everyone is sure about ending their marriage, so if you have some reservations about divorce, reach out to an attorney to discuss whether legal separation is right for you and your needs.

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