How to Tell Your Kids About Your Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for children. How you choose to break the news to them can make a big difference in how they cope with it, so it is essential for parents to plan together for this important conversation. We put together a list of tips that will help you approach this delicate topic with your children.

Talking to Your Children About Your Divorce

When it comes to telling your children about your divorce, timing is everything. You need to give time to process this news and the opportunity to ask questions. Consider telling them about the divorce at the start of the weekend, so they have a couple of days to mull it over and ask any follow-up questions. Do not attempt to have this conversation with them before bedtime or while dropping them off at school. They need time to consider what this will mean for the future and the chance to further discuss it with you

You should also plan to tell your children together. Although it may be hard to work as a team, especially if you are going through a particularly acrimonious divorce, it is crucial to present a united front. Your children need to know that, despite the fact that your marriage is ending, you will both still be there for them as parents.

Here are some additional tips for you and your spouse to consider:

  • Do not blame each other or point fingers.
  • If possible, tell your children what will remain the same and what will change.
  • Make sure they understand that this event will not change your love for them.
  • Let your children know that nothing they did could have prevented the divorce.
  • Encourage your children to ask questions, but give them the space they need if they cannot think of any immediately.
  • Give your children time to adjust and cope with the news.

Even after you have this conversation with your children, you and your spouse should continue to be available to them if they have any additional questions. The process will be a struggle for them and it is important to offer your support every step of the way. It will not be easy for them, but with your help, you can all get through this and adjust to a new life.

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