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Possible Penalties for a Fake ID

A common practice among college students under the age of 21 is to obtain a fake ID to purchase alcohol. Although it may seem harmless, there are serious penalties that can result from using a fake ID.

Underage drinking carries several consequences and can lead to a criminal record. Especially if the underage drinking also involves driving under the influence, having a fake ID to purchase alcohol can quickly snowball into many other serious charges.

Criminal charges and your college career

Although having a fake ID may seem like a common practice and rather harmless, the truth is it can lead to criminal charges that endanger your college career. In Oklahoma, having a fake ID can actually result in felony charges. Bar owners can face serious fines for allowing underage drinkers to access their premises, so many owners are cracking down on fake ID usage to protect themselves. 

A DUI can impede your future

Many college students who use a fake ID to purchase alcohol also get behind the wheel intoxicated. An underage DUI can lead to serious charges that can result in a criminal record. Your best strategy if police charge you with a DUI is to get an attorney who can help you build a strong defense.

The encouraging news is that if police charge you with DUI, you have options. It is better to face the charges with a strategic defense rather than try to mitigate the consequences after a conviction. With your college career and future employment opportunities at stake, you should not underestimate the seriousness of a DUI on your record. 

No one is perfect, and everyone makes bad choices sometimes. If your choices result in criminal charges such as a DUI, and you are currently working towards your college degree, do not leave your future to chance. Understand the possible consequences you face, and take steps to defend yourself against the charges so your future opportunities are not in jeopardy due to a careless mistake.