Car Crash

Common Oklahoma Car Accident Injury Can Have Long-Term Effects

Six were injured over New Year's Eve in a motor vehicle accident in Seminole County, Oklahoma. The accident was the result of a driver failing to obey a stop sign and broad siding another car. One passenger was ejected; two others were pinned and taken by Medi Flight helicopter to OU Medical Center for treatment of their injuries.

The injuries suffered ranged in severity, and likely included what was once considered a minor car accident injury: whiplash.

Once written off by medical professionals, the long term and life altering nature of this common injury is receiving increased scrutiny from researchers.

Whiplash Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Whiplash injuries are a common result of Oklahoma car accidents. They occur most often in rear-end collisions, but also result from both front and side impacts.

A person suffers whiplash when his or her head and neck hyperextend to compensate for sudden movement. Doctors speculate that such movement damages the soft tissues of the neck.

How Whiplash Affects Overall Health

Researchers from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego found those who suffer whiplash can develop chronic neck pain. Typical symptoms of a whiplash include neck and shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, problems with vision and fatigue. Symptoms of more chronic cases include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Anger and frustration
  • Stress and social isolation
  • Drug dependency and post traumatic stress syndrome

Treatment of these injuries can be expensive, and often extends over long periods of time.

The Next Step

Costs related to an injury may include medical care, loss of wages resulting from sick leave, lost productivity and litigation. If injured in an accident, the other driver may be liable for the cost of treatment.

As a result, it is important to seek counsel from an experienced Norman car accident attorney to ensure all legal rights and remedies are protected.