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Felony DUI Convictions Can Impact Your Employability

Many people rely on their ability to drive to places they need to go. This can include driving to and from work. Some people even rely on their ability to drive to be able to work. These include truckers, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and many other professions. For these workers, blemishes on their driving records can be devastating. Convictions for a felony DUI or any other drunk driving charge can be career ending.

An interesting point to note is that drunk driving arrests can remain on your criminal record for up to 7 years, but a drunk driving conviction can remain on your criminal record forever. In the case of an employment background check, federal courts have ruled that employers must have a compelling business reason for precluding someone from employment simply based on their criminal record. Of course, some professions, such as truck driving, would meet these criteria because it would probably be close to impossible to get an insurance company to cover a commercial driver with a DUI.

Other people, such as those who are running for public office, can also be impacted by criminal convictions that have occurred in the previous 10 years. Even people who are applying for minimum wage service jobs might find that their employability is affected because of questions on applications concerning criminal convictions. In the case of a felony DUI conviction, the applicant would have to check the "yes" box for the question regarding felony convictions if the conviction occurred within the specified time frame.

The best way to avoid having to deal with employability issues that come after a felony DUI conviction is to avoid drunk driving. If you find yourself facing these charges, your defense is your best option for minimizing the consequences.

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