Handcuffs, car keys, and alcohol

What Impacts Do Underage Drinking Charges Have on People?

Underage drinking is a serious problem in the United States. Oklahoma isn't any exception to that fact. While many people might think that people who aren't 21 yet consuming alcohol isn't really a huge deal. That isn't the case. People who aren't of the legal drinking age who consume alcohol do face several consequences of their actions each time they choose to drink.

What are some of the risks that young people face when they drink alcohol?

Young people face the same risks as adults when they drink; however, young people are more likely to have to deal with those risks than adults are. There are also some risks that are specific to young people. One of these is that they can suffer from brain development problems since the brain continues to develop well into a person's 20s. Death, inujuries and impaired judgment are also possible. Criminal charges and an increased risk of assault are also associated with underage drinking.

Are there any warning signs of underage drinking?

Slurred speech, loss of interest in favorite activities, coordination difficulties and memory problems are all signs that a young person is consuming alcohol. Some young people might have difficulties in school or change their circle of friends.

One of the reasons underage drinking and driving is such a serious problem is because of the dangers. Each year, 4,358 people who are under 21 years old die in alcohol-related incidents, including car crashes. Additionally, serious injuries affect more than 190,000 young people each year because of alcohol-related incidents. With those statistics, it is easy to see why criminal charges for underage drinking are taken so seriously. If you are facing those charges, be sure that you have a suitable defense.

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