Distressed man and woman

Study Says Women Are Better Drivers Than Men

New research adds strength to claims that women drive better than men. According to the organization 4autoinsurancequote, women, in general, are better and safer drivers than men.

According to the study, women fared better than men when comparing serious and fatal accidents, driving under the influence (DUI) violations, and other traffic violations.

The study found that men cause nearly 80 percent of all serious and fatal car accidents. In general, women are 27 percent less likely than their male counterparts to be responsible for car crashes, regardless of severity. Men are also 3 times more likely be cited for drunk driving, and more likely to be ticketed for almost all other moving violations, including failure to yield, speeding, seatbelt violations and reckless driving, according to an MSNBC article.

Because of their driving habits, more men than women are fatally injured in auto accidents every year, according to an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) Highway Loss Data Institute 2009 report. MSNBC reports that in 2007 men were involved in nearly 2 million more accidents than women (6.1 million compared to 4.4 million).

This research also costs men more than just a little bit of ego; it also hits them directly in their wallet. On average, the study shows, men pay more for auto insurance than women.

While it may be fun to discuss who is the better driver during friendly banter, the truth is auto accidents can be very serious and may cause a range of injuries, from bruises and broken bones to serious head and neck injuries and death. If you or a loved one has been injured in an automobile accident, speak with an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you seek fair compensation for your injuries.