Oklahoma Students Must Exercise Caution During Prom and Graduation

Prom season is here and graduation is just around the corner for Norman high school students and University of Oklahoma students. Along with the celebratory season and the finish of another year come many parties.

For each of these events, there are costs associated with new clothes, senior nights and planning for parties. However, the youth safety during these events is sometimes overlooked. Risky behavior during prom and graduation season, such as drinking and driving or distracted driving can have long lasting consequences. An Oklahoma drunk driving accident can easily prove fatal.

Some local schools host educational programs for students as a way to warn students of the dangers of impaired driving. In order to illustrate potential deadly consequences, events may have local speakers, including police officers, firefighters, paramedics and state troopers. Sometimes a badly damaged car from a prior accident will be brought as a reminder of what can occur.

Make a Plan During Prom and Graduation Season

Teenagers and young adults can get caught up in the moment and make bad choices on prom night or during graduation parties. However, parents can help educate their teens about the consequences of impaired and distracted driving. For instance, texting-and-driving accidents can easily happen while young people are communicating about various graduation parties that they plan to attend.

The following safety tips can ensure that this prom and graduation season has fewer accidents:

  • Plan in advance. Who will drive? Is a limo or taxi needed? Make sure that any person driving pledges to remain sober during prom or a string of graduation parties.
  • Have an itinerary. Decide in advance when you will meet and who will be traveling together. Parents should get contact information for friends who will be with their children.
  • Educate of Dangers. Parents need to make sure that children are aware of dangers.
  • Limit Alcohol. For those hosting graduation parties, make sure that no underage teenagers are served alcohol. For those who are of age do not provide unlimited alcohol at parties.

Prom and graduation season are meant to be fun. But a wrong decision can quickly turn tragic if an auto accident results.

Following a car accident, it is important to contact a skilled Oklahoma personal injury attorney especially if there are concerns that the other driver may have been impaired. An attorney can help to protect your rights and seek fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.