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Blood-Alcohol Concentration Can Affect Your Defense

Facing drunk driving charges is something that requires you to mount a firm defense. Many of the defense options that you have hinge on being able to scrutinize evidence that is going to be used in your case. We can help you to investigate every aspect of your case so that you can make an informed decision about each choice you have to make.

In many drunk driving cases, the main factor is the blood-alcohol concentration that you are said to have had at the time of your arrest. There are many factors that can affect the BAC that is being used in your case. We can look into each factor for you so that you know where your case stands.

One of the factors that we can look into includes points about the initial stop. Was the stop based on reasonable grounds? That question is a very important one because if it wasn't, the information garnered in the stop might not be admissible.

We can also look into how the BAC test was administered. The administration of the test to determine your BAC is very important. Was everything properly calibrated? Was the person who performed the test properly trained? Were proper procedures followed? All of those questions must be answered. If there was anything that wasn't done properly, we might be able to use that in your defense.

You don't have to try to put your defense together alone. Instead, you can count on us to help you put a suitable defense together that can show your side of the story.