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What Steps Are Required to Get a License Back After Suspension?

If you are convicted of driving under the influence in Oklahoma, then you might face a period of suspension or revocation of your license. Simply waiting out the suspension period and showing up at the Department of Public Safety for your reinstated license isn't always enough to get your license back. Oklahoma law requires some other steps.

First, a person who has been convicted of DUI and who has had their license revoked must attend an evaluation and assessment session with certified personnel from an approved agency. That assessment is meant to evaluate whether someone is willing and able to seek further treatment. The assessment professional will then make recommendations for the next steps for the individual.

The person must follow the appropriate steps laid out by the assessor as well as any other steps required by law. Individuals might be required to participate in further treatment, counseling or education programs regarding drug or alcohol abuse. Substance abuse education courses have to be certified by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, a comparable treatment program or, possibly, both.

Once a person meets the requirements laid out by the evaluation, they must wait for any revocation period associated with their conviction to be over. They must also pay any fees or fines associated with the conviction. At that time, the person can apply to have his or her license reinstated. Reinstatement might require further action, such as the installation of an ignition lock device.

Regaining a valid license following suspension due to a DUI charge is no laughing matter, and living without your license in the meantime can put added stress on finances, relationships or careers. Working to develop a defense against DUI charges before a conviction can help you avoid these woes.