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Be Proactive When Facing Felony DUI Charges in Oklahoma

Facing any DUI charges in Oklahoma can be intense and frightening. However, if you are facing down a felony DUI charge, these emotions become even more severe and with good reason. A felony DUI usually leads to far greater penalties than a DUI classified as a misdemeanor. With odds like these, you will most likely need legal representation to receive the best possible outcome and the least harsh sentence.

Without representation, you could be looking at penalties such as:

-- One to 20 years behind bars-- Lengthy loss of driving privileges-- Expensive fines and fees-- Community service-- Substance abuse assessment and possible treatment-- The mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device

It would be easy and understandable to give in to despair when so much is at stake, but such a response will probably only worsen the situation. Instead, felony DUI defendants in Oklahoma would do well to adopt a more proactive approach and commit themselves to helping defend their case. Consulting with an attorney is just the first step. From there, defendant and attorney can develop an action plan designed to paint the client in the best possible light.

As an additional reason to consider legal assistance, your case will receive the scrutiny of professionals who can determine if any of your rights were violated during the DUI stop. A lawyer can also help you schedule a DUI hearing with Oklahoma's Department of Public Safety so that you may continue getting back and forth to work.

A felony DUI is quite serious, but it is crucial not to lose hope. Please visit our DUI defense website to learn more about how an attorney can help preserve the freedoms you enjoy.