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Consequences of Driving on a Suspended Driver's License

If you are considering driving even though your license has been suspended or revoked, you might want to think twice. In Oklahoma, you could be hit with misdemeanor charges if you get caught behind the wheel without a valid driver's license. While misdemeanor charges do not sound all that bad to many, it could carry the potential for severe consequences. Even a three-minute trip to the corner convenience store could add to the trouble you are already in.

Along with significant fines, your decision to drive anyway could put you behind bars. If you have already been caught driving on an invalid license and decide to do so again, you should know that Oklahoma state law has increased the fines you could face. A first offense means fines of $100 to $500, but the more times you are caught, the more you could potentially pay. If you originally lost your driving privileges because of a DUI, you will likely suffer even greater consequences, including potential fines of $500 and $1,000.

You should also know that getting caught driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license means your suspension will be extended. You will lose your driving privileges for an additional three months for a misdemeanor and an additional four months if your original charges were DUI-related.

We understand that you want or even need to be able to drive, but you may have unexplored options at your disposal. Before you consider risking your future by driving on a suspended license, consider speaking with an attorney about getting your license reinstated. Visit other pages on our website to read about how to get your driving privileges restored.