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Oklahoma DUI Conviction Gets 25-Year Sentence

A 2013 car crash case in Edmond, Oklahoma, north of Norman, has ended in a guilty plea by the then 20-year-old driver of a vehicle that allegedly caused the death of a woman. The court sentenced the driver to 25 years for her role in the crash.

The crash occurred when the driver allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic, hitting another vehicle. The female driver of that car was killed. The woman killed was a professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, a public university located in Edmond.

The young woman driving the car that allegedly caused the crash had previously been charged with DUI, a charge which resulted in a deferred sentence less than a year before the recent crash. She was allegedly intoxicated at the time of the most recent incident and was charged with second-degree murder, which carries serious penalties. In this case, her guilty plea came with a sentence of 25 years.

An auto accident that results in the death or serious injury of someone will be closely investigated by law enforcement authorities. In determining fault, investigators may consider the possibility of intoxication and will attempt to determine the intoxication level, if any, of the drivers involved. All parties may also be asked to agree to interviews about the circumstances of the accident and what they may have witnessed. Drivers involved in serious vehicle accidents should strongly consider hiring an attorney to represent them at the earliest possible time and certainly before submitting to questioning by the police. The more serious the injuries resulting from a crash, the more seriously drivers should take the possibility of hiring a lawyer quickly.

Source: News9.com, "Judge Sentences OKC Woman For Fatal DUI Crash," April 13, 2015