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Oklahoma Traffic Points System

To many Oklahomans, understanding the Department of Public Safety Points system is like understanding the IRS Federal Tax Code. For those who live outside Oklahoma or are new to Oklahoma, it is even more confusing. This blog breaks down the basics of the Point System, allowing you to better understand your situation and know what steps to take, should you ever receive a traffic citation.

The Oklahoma Points system is used both by insurance companies as well as the Oklahoma DPS. If you have any points on your Motor Vehicle Record, your insurance premiums may rise. Whether or not they do rise and to what extent depends upon your auto policy. If you accumulate 10 or more points on your record over a period of 5 years, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety can and will suspend your driver's license. Getting your license reinstated involves time and hundreds of dollars in fees. Knowing how points accumulate and how to reduce them can keep you from incurring this headache.

The point values for citations range from 1 to 4 points. The vast majority of traffic violations result in 2 points being added to your record. There is good news, however! There are 3 easy ways to reduce your points once they have been added!

- 12 months after your conviction, as long as you do not receive another ticket that adds points, 2 points are automatically dropped

- If you last an entire 3 years from the time of your last conviction then all of the points you have accumulated during that time will be dropped, leaving you once again with a clean driving record

- If you complete a DPS approved Defensive Driving course, this can also take 2 points off your record

All of the above methods of point reduction are seemingly simple. However, during the time the points remain, your insurance rates may rise. For many, paying higher premiums and waiting 1-3 years for the points to drop is not an attractive or even viable option. This is where an attorney comes in.

Depending on the particulars of your case, an attorney can pursue multiple options that could keep the points from going on your record in the first place. This can save you money and time that you don't have to waste arguing with your insurance adjuster. All of the attorneys at NICHOLS | DIXON have extensive experience in fighting and dealing with traffic citations both in District Courts as well as in Municipal Courts across the state.

If you do receive a traffic ticket, don't wait until the last minute before your court date. Call us and we can begin working on your case today.