Creating Consistent Household Rules for Your Kids After Divorce

After a divorce, life can feel unpredictable and uncertain for children. Witnessing the end of their parents’ marriage might make them feel anxious and afraid of what else the future may have in store for them. To ease their fears and anxieties, you and your former spouse should work together to create a set of rules and routines for your children to follow. Having predictable routines in place can help create a sense of security and safety, ultimately helping them settle into this new way of life.

Now that your children will go between two households, it will be a little more challenging to implement the same rules. Instead of aiming for perfection, try to simply agree on the most important and fundamental issues. For example, if you have older children, curfew might be a bigger issue for them. If you have younger children, morning and bedtime routines will be more important for you to agree on.

Working Together to Achieve Consistency

Coordinating with your ex-spouse might be difficult, particularly if you had a nasty divorce, but creating routines for your children is an essential part of creating a stable environment for them to grow and thrive in. Therefore, it is crucial to set some time aside to discuss what is important to you and what you are willing to be flexible with.

Here are some questions you and your co-parent should ask during this process:

  • How will you communicate these rules and routines to your children?
  • How do you plan to reward good behavior?
  • What are the consequences for bad behavior?
  • Will one parent handle certain issues?
  • Are there any downfalls to this approach?
  • Are there certain issues you should be steadfast on?

Moreover, you should be willing to further discuss these rules and routines if you believe they need some adjustments. It may not be perfect at first, but if you continue to work together and cooperate, you can establish some stability and consistency in your children’s lives.

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