Signs That Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

Divorce should not be an option, until it’s the only option. Many problems within a marriage can be repaired while others may seem irreparable.¬†Although no one can tell you when it is time to sign off on your marriage, there are some signs and red flags that often indicate a marriage is headed for divorce. If you recognize one or more of these signs, you might want to evaluate your relationship.

Observing the Red Flags

Every marriage has its ups and downs, but some are never able to recover or bounce back up. If you are unsure if your marriage is headed for divorce, we put together a list of red flags you should look for, which might indicate that a divorce is on the horizon.

Here are some of the most common signs that indicate divorce is imminent:

  • You speak to each other with disrespect: All couples argue. In fact, arguing can be healthy and allow spouses to establish boundaries and further understand one another’s needs. That said, if your arguments are particularly vile, leading to berating or disrespectful remarks, you might be headed for a divorce. While it is natural for spouses to disagree, when they lose respect for one another, it can be near impossible to repair the damage.
  • One or both of you lost interest in physical intimacy: A marriage is about far more than sex and, as time goes on, it is normal for sex drives to decrease or fluctuate. If you and your spouse rarely or never have sex, however, this might signal a bigger problem in the marriage.
  • You constantly criticize each other: Spouses should seek to make each other better and bring out the best in one another. That said, if the criticism you give and receive is less constructive and more mean-spirited, there might be some serious trouble in your marriage.
  • You think of other possible relationships: It is normal to find other people attractive, but if you find your mind wandering beyond that, or if you are considering other possible relationships, this is a big red flag and a sign that you are checked out of your marriage.
  • One spouse refuses counseling: In some cases, even the most difficult marital problems can be overcome if both spouses are willing to work on them. If your spouse refuses counseling or other forms of help, however, your only option might be to seek a divorce.

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