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Driver's License Reinstatement After a DUI Is Costly

One of the possible impacts of a drunk driving conviction in Oklahoma is losing your driver's license. This can cause a serious problem in a city such as Norman, which is a car-dependent city. Not only will you have to rely on others to help you with your errands, but you might also be out of a lot of money because of the fees for license restoration.

A recent story in Oklahoma Watch notes that people who lose their driver's licenses because of a DUI or any felony that involves a vehicle will usually be out thousands of dollars to get their licenses back. That expense is in addition to the fines that were levied because of the conviction. In some cases, ignition interlock devices and other expenses, such as monthly assessment fees, can add even more cost to being able to get a driver's license reinstated.

The expense is great, but the time frame that it takes to get the driver's license back is often just as great. It can take months or possibly years to get a driver's license reinstated.

While not having a driver's license might not seem like a huge obstacle to some, it can often be one for people who were incarcerated or those who have faced the loss of a job because of a DUI conviction. In some cases, employers require employees to have a valid driver's license instead of just a state identification card. This might occur if driving is a possible responsibility of the employee.

If you are facing DUI charges and the possible loss of your driver's license, you should explore the options that you have for handling the charges. You should also discover the options you have for trying to keep your driving privileges.

Source: Oklahoma Watch, "Ex-Offenders Face Steep Price to Reinstate Driver's Licenses," Clifton Adcock, Feb. 23, 2016