Trace Amounts of Marijuana Could Get You a DUI Conviction

It is widely understood that drunk driving is illegal, but what about driving under the influence of marijuana? You might not think that driving after or while you smoke is a big deal, but the law says otherwise. Oklahoma law deems it unlawful for anyone to operate a vehicle under the influence of marijuana.

You might have questions about this law. How much THC has to show up in a blood test? What are the punishments? Find the answers below.

Detectable THC

While a drunk driving charge can be made upon the detection of a blood alcohol level of 0.08, it is a different story with marijuana. Due to a law passed in 2013, any amount of marijuana in a blood test can be enough to prove illegal impairment. You could face a DUI conviction for having a trace amount of THC in your blood from marijuana you used the day before.

Marijuana DUI penalties

Consequences for a marijuana-related DUI conviction vary depending on whether it is a first or subsequent conviction. Here are the basic potential penalties:

  • First offense: Misdemeanor conviction with a maximum fine of $1,000, jail time between 10 days and one year, and mandatory participation in a drug assessment program.
  • Second offense within 10 years: Felony conviction with a maximum fine of $2,500 and imprisonment between one and five years.
  • Third offense: Felony conviction with a maximum fine of $5,000 and imprisonment between one and 20 years.

Penalties may be enhanced if a minor is in the car at the time of the offense.

As a college student, you might not see smoking marijuana and driving as a terrible thing, but law enforcement will not agree. Now that you know the potential consequences of partaking in this behavior, you can avoid making the mistake of drugged driving in Oklahoma. If you ever get charged with a marijuana-related DUI, make sure you consult with a criminal defense attorney.