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How a DUI Negatively Impacts College Students

Driving under the influence of alcohol in Oklahoma is a recipe for disaster. In the state, drivers are under implied consent. This means if a police officer pulls over a driver on suspicion of drunk driving, the person has to comply. A refusal can result in automatic license suspension. 

There are numerous possible consequences for a DUI conviction. Jail time and fines are some of the more widely discussed penalties, but college students may face even more punishments. Many colleges punish students who drive under the influence, so students may have to contend with a lot more than a fine and suspended license. 

Loss of scholarships

For many scholarships, whether they are athletic or academic, the recipient needs to follow a strict set of guidelines. One of these is to abide by school rules, so if the DUI took place around school property, then the student may lose that scholarship. This can be devastating for some individuals who may need to take out loans or drop out of school due to the cost. 

Academic probation

Some schools will place students on academic probation for being caught under the influence around school property. The length of time this probation lasts can run from one semester to an entire year. Part of returning to classes may involve the student needing to go through an alcohol and drug treatment program. Either way, the student's progress becomes halted temporarily. 

Loss of school housing

When a student resides in a college's dorms, he or she may need to vacate the property following a DUI. Similarly to scholarships, students need to abide by a strict set of rules when agreeing to live in the dorms. Driving drunk is typically enough for a school to throw away this agreement and force the student to live elsewhere. While partying in college is normal, a student should not allow one mistake to disrupt his or her academic life.