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Former School Bus Driver Sentenced to Prison and Probation in DUI

School bus drivers are entrusted with our most precious resource each day. When these drivers don't follow the law, the children are the ones who suffer. Accidents that occur involving school buses can be particularly devastating because of the large number of children on these vehicles

One former bus driver is now facing 10 years in prison, with half of that suspended with the condition of probation, because of an accident that he caused when he opted to drive a school bus while high on synthetic marijuana. This man was hired by the school district before being fired and then rehired.

The accident that the man caused ended up causing one student to be confined to a wheelchair. That child's family filed a lawsuit in civil court that holds the members of the district, the district and the driver accountable for the injuries to that child.

In addition to the prison and probation sentence, the driver also has to pay $179,000 in restitution when he is released to prison. He didn't have any statement for the victim when he was asked if would like to say something.

Being charged with a crime for drugged driving is serious. In fact, if you have been previously convicted, you are looking at a felony charge. Enhancements are also possible, which means you might be facing more time in prison and a more serious charge in cases with certain elements.

No matter what type of drunk or drugged driving offense you are facing, you should take steps to work on your defense. Doing this as early in the case as possible is often beneficial.

Source: KOCO, "Former Mid-Del School bus driver sentenced to prison after pleading guilty in crash involving bus," Patty Santos, July 15, 2016