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Fight Back Against Driver's License Suspensions

In our previous blog post, we discussed the appellate court decision regarding driver's license suspensions after a drunk driving arrest. If you recall, the court ruled that it is taking too long for the administrative proceedings for the suspensions. This is something that could have an impact on people who have already had their driver's license suspended, as well as others.

We know that you need to be able to drive to continue living your life like you are accustomed to. You need to be able to go to the grocery store and work. You need to be able to run errands and take care of other needs.

The administrative proceedings are one step that you have to take to make that happen. With the lengthy waits to have your hearing, you might find that you need to take other steps. While we can't promise that you will have your driver's license back in no time flat, we can promise you that we will work to get you the least restricted driving privileges possible for your case.

The driver's license suspension that you are facing is only one part of your case. We also help you to fight against the drunk driving charge that goes through the criminal court system. This is the proceeding that can also have a big impact on your life because if you are convicted, that information will show up on your criminal record.

That means that employers and real estate rental agencies, as well as other agencies and people, could have access to that information if they do a background check on you. For that reason, it is important that you carefully consider your defense.