Cuffs and a glass of alcohol

Allegedly Drunk U-Haul Driver Charged in Oklahoma Crash

A man is facing drunk driving charges after his U-Haul box truck collided with a semi-truck in Tulsa. The accident occurred around 4 a.m. on March 8, according to authorities.

Police said the U-Haul was traveling north when it was struck on the side by a semi-truck that had just exited Interstate 44. The U-Haul driver then lost control of his vehicle and hit the support column of a bridge overpass. The impact caused the box truck to flip on its side.

A witness told responding police officers that a woman exited the U-Haul and fled on foot. The driver of the truck was treated for a minor hand injury at the scene and taken to Oklahoma State University Medical Center for observation. The two male occupants of the semi-truck were not hurt.

The U-Haul driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. He admitted he was drunk to police but blamed the semi-truck driver for the crash. It was not known if the semi-truck driver was cited in the incident. Authorities said the bridge was not structurally damaged by the collision.

Anyone charged with driving while impaired may benefit by retaining a criminal defense attorney as soon as they are arrested. An attorney could review the evidence of the case to determine its strengths and weaknesses and then recommend the best legal strategies to employ. In some cases, it may be possible to question the accuracy of the breath and field sobriety tests used to show a defendant was impaired. In other instances, a lawyer may advise negotiating for a plea deal that reduces some of the charges.

Source:, "U-Haul Driver Arrested After Tulsa Collision With Semi Truck," March 8, 2015