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Facing Oklahoma Felony DUI Charges

If you've been arrested for your second or third DUI, you are most likely very aware that they are charged as felony offenses. You are probably very worried, and rightfully so. If this is your second or third DUI, you could receive anywhere between one and 20 years in prison if you are convicted as you have been charged.

In addition to prison time, if you have a felony on your record, you could face a lifetime of possible collateral consequences. Unfortunately, in today's society, long after a person has completed the sentence, a felony conviction may be a permanent weight, reducing employment options, housing availability, and other things.

It is important when you are charged with a felony DUI to begin building your defense as soon as possible in a strategic and thorough manner. Unlike a misdemeanor DUI, a felony charge can impose much more stigma. You need to try to determine how to defend against the allegations, be able to point out ways in which the police did not conduct your tests appropriately, and be prepared to negotiate effectively with the prosecutor.

At NICHOLS | DIXON, we regularly represent good people who are accused of committing a felony DUI offense, and we understand the havoc such a charge might bring. Our attorneys understand how police and prosecutors build their cases in the hopes of garnering a conviction. Because of our unique perspective, we are equipped to defend against felony DUI charges in an effective manner for our clients. We work hard to secure pleas to misdemeanors or dismissal of charges. In the event it is needed, we fight for our clients through trial. If you have questions about what you might face with a felony DUI charge, we have additional information felony DUI page.