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AAA Offered People in Oklahoma Free Rides Home

There is often a lot of drinking around Thanksgiving and the end of November, which can lead to more DUI arrests and accidents. This year, AAA Oklahoma decided to step up and do something about it. They offered a service called Tipsy Tow.

The service was totally free. To use it, someone who had had too much to drink—and was stranded at a bar, for example—just had to call up AAA and ask to be picked up. AAA would then send someone to the location and pick up the driver, one other person—a friend or significant other—and the car itself.

There were a few stipulations. For one thing, people could not ask to be taken to another bar or any other location. They could only ask to go home. On top of that, the trip could not be more than 15 miles.

This service was created because many people feel they need to drive home if they drove to the bar. They are worried about the vehicle, thinking that it will get towed or stolen. They may also be worried that they won't have a way to come back and get it the next day. This is why some people refuse to take a cab even if they think they are over the legal limit. They don't want to spend time and money later to get the car.

With the AAA service, all of those concerns were eliminated because the car was also picked up and dropped off at the house.

The service did end on Nov. 30. It was found in Oklahoma City, Lawton, Tahlequah, Muskogee, Ardmore, Enid, Bartlesville and Shawnee. Though it's over for now, people should keep an eye out to see if AAA does it again next year.

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