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Oklahoma School Bus Driver Arrested for DUI After Crashes

A 58-year-old Mid-Del school bus driver is facing multiple charges after smashing into several cars in southeast Oklahoma City on April 20. There were no children on board at the time.

Authorities said the incident began around 8 a.m. when police began receiving reports of a school bus driving recklessly and erratically on S.E. 15th Street near I-35 and Robinson. The bus reportedly struck five different cars in the area then veered up an embankment and hit a railroad bridge. Three people were injured in the crashes. Authorities said one person suffered a serious neck injury and another may have suffered a hand amputation.

Police found the bus driver unconscious in the vehicle. The school district said they believe he was on his way to pick up children. He was charged with multiple crimes, including DUI, three counts of leaving the scene and one count of leaving the scene of an injury accident. The accident remains under investigation by the police and the school district.

Oklahoma residents arrested on impaired driving charges can face severe consequences if they are convicted, included significant prison time, loss of driving privileges and steep fines. They may also face the loss of current and future employment opportunities. However, every defendant has the right to legal representation to assist in defending against the charges. In some cases, it may be possible to dispute the accuracy of any field sobriety or blood alcohol content level tests that were used to establish a driver's impairment. In other instances, a criminal defense attorney might seek a negotiated plea arrangement with the prosecution in order to reduce the severity of the penalties.

Source: KFOR, "Local school bus driver arrested for DUI after crashing into several cars in S.E. Oklahoma City," Dallas Franklin and Ashley Kringen, April 20, 2015