Police Lights

Alleged Wrong-Way Driver Charged With DUI

A 34-year-old Oklahoma woman was taken into police custody on Feb. 22 after officers believed that she was driving under the influence. According to the report, the woman was allegedly driving in the wrong direction on Oklahoma 66 and nearly struck a police car.

The police officer that was driving the vehicle that was allegedly almost struck stated that he was traveling west when a vehicle pulled out in front of him. He reportedly had to swerve in order to avoid colliding with the car. After putting on his emergency lights, he stated that he managed to turn around and pull over the vehicle shortly after.

The officer then alleged that the driver left her vehicle and approached the squad car. He then stated that he conducted a series of field sobriety tests on the woman, which she then failed. He then allegedly searched the woman's vehicle and discovered what was believed to be drug paraphernalia.

The woman was administered a breath test once she was taken in to the station. She allegedly blew a .11 percent and a .10 percent on her first and second test, respectively. She was ultimately charged with DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to yield and driving with a suspended license.

Those who are charged with DUI are at risk for being sentenced to jail if they are convicted of the charges. However, if the evidence against the accused driver is strong, an attorney may be able to convince the court that the accused needs to be sentenced to rehabilitation for an addiction instead of being sentenced to jail. Otherwise, the attorney may be able to create a strong DUI defense against the charges if it is believed that the evidence was contaminated or did not back up the allegations of the prosecution.

Source: Sapulpa Daily Herald Online, "Alleged drunk driver has near miss with police unit", February 25, 2014