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Basketball Coach Pleads Guilty to DWI

Oklahoma basketball fans may be interested in the outcome of a DWI case involving Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd. After pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated in July 2012, the coach was suspended from the first two games of the regular season by the NBA Oct. 4. When he pleaded guilty, he was forced to submit to one year of probation and reportedly agreed to speak with area students about driving under the influence.

Kidd was taken into custody for DWI in the Hamptons on July 15, 2012, after allegedly striking a telephone pole in his SUV. As a result of the accident, police charged him with one count of misdemeanor drunk driving.

Similar to other players and coaches in the past, Kidd was also given a two-game suspension by the NBA. Other members of the NBA who have received identical suspensions include Carmelo Anthony, Eric Musselman and Zach Randolph.

The Nets general manager offered a public statement about Kidd's decision to plead guilty. He remarked that Kidd has taken full "responsibility for his actions" and understands that he needs to use the experience as an opportunity for growth. The manager went on to say that he felt "confident" that Kidd would be able to "have a positive effect" on other people.

In this case, Jason Kidd was able to reach a plea deal that did not include a prison sentence. After a charge of DWI, a lawyer may sometimes be able to work out a plea deal like this for the defendant. A plea deal may include mandatory attendance at an alcohol treatment program, public speaking about dunk driving and probation. In exchange for these, the lawyer may be able to have a prison sentence dropped or substantially reduced.

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