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Driver Who Hits Bus Charged with DUI

According to a news report, a man whose car collided with a school bus has been charged with DUI and driving without insurance. The impact nearly sent the bus and its passengers into a roadside ravine in Cleveland, Oklahoma.

According to local police, the accident occurred just after midnight during the early morning hours of Nov. 16 on Highway 64 within a few miles of the school. As an unidentified number of students of the Cleveland High School band were returning on the bus to their school from an athletic event, the bus and a smaller vehicle collided. According to the report, the students were not seriously injured.

The other vehicle, driven by a 33-year-old man, allegedly did not stop at the scene of the accident. The driver later returned to the scene and surrendered to police. He allegedly refused a field sobriety test; however, he is said to have admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol. He is currently facing multiple charges including DUI, operating a motor vehicle without insurance and driving with a suspended license.

Since DUI charges can prove to be very serious, persons facing such charges may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney. When a DUI charge is based only on a single admission of guilt, as could possibly be the case here, an attorney may be able to help in a number of ways. Without additional evidence against the person accused, and if the prosecution's evidence is found to be inadequate in the eyes of a judge, the attorney may be able to successfully argue for the case to be dismissed.

Source: KRMG, "Bus carrying students gets hit by supected DUI driver", November 17, 2013