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Driving Under the Influence

A charge for driving under the influence is not uncommon. However, it would be a mistake to not take it seriously. A DUI conviction can affect everything you do for the rest of your life. You may lose your license, you may be precluded from obtaining certain driving privileges, your insurance rates could suddenly skyrocket or you could even go to jail. What you in the days following your arrest can be crucial.

What is the first thing to do? CALL A COMPETENT ATTORNEY. There are law firms all over the place. But there are few with 2 former assistant district attorneys on staff. Hiring a defense lawyer with first-hand experience in prosecution is extremely valuable. During their time at the District Attorney's office, Drew Nichols and Greg Dixon learned all of the behind-the-scenes information that other attorneys simply can't know.

The attorneys at NICHOLS | DIXON won't just roll over and call in a plea bargain. Your individual case will be analyzed and the weaknesses brought out. Although many people think a DUI charge is a fairly simple matter, there are many defenses available. For example, Oklahoma law says that in order to convict a person of driving under the influence, all the prosecutor needs to show is that after drinking, you were unable to drive your car safely or that your blood alcohol level exceeded a certain specified limit. However, if the DUI charge is challenged, the prosecutor is additionally burdened with proving the validity of the arrest, that the Breathalyzer was working properly and that the arresting officer was competent to use it.

Beyond this, there are several options when negotiating with the District Attorney. A former assistant district attorney knows how the prosecution thinks and will know what to say and what questions to ask.

If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with a DUI, call the former prosecutors at NICHOLS | DIXON at (405) 294-1511.