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The Cost of a DUI Is Much Higher Than Just the Fines

The cost of drunk driving goes far beyond only having to pay the fines that are associated with the criminal charge. There are several other costs that will come with being arrested for a DUI. In some cases, a conviction doesn't necessarily have to occur for you to have to incur the cost.

The impact on your finances starts when you are arrested. There are three impacts that might occur at this point. The first is that you will likely have to post bail to get out of jail. The second is that you might have to get your car out of the impound if you didn't have anyone to drive it away when you were arrested. The third is that you may have to miss work, so your paycheck will suffer.

The cost increases as the DUI case moves through the criminal justice system. You will have to pay for the costs associated with your defense. If you are convicted, you will likely have fines to pay. You may also have to pay for DUI classes, alcohol treatment programs and ignition interlock devices.

The costs continue after you are convicted. You might find it difficult to find a job, which could impact your finances. You might have to pay higher car insurance rates because of the conviction. This can impact you for years to come.

Your DUI case should be taken seriously because the financial impacts of it can be life-altering. If you are facing a DUI in Oklahoma, you must get to know everything you can about the case that is being used against you. While doing this isn't going to do away with the pre-conviction costs, it can help to reduce the post-conviction costs that you have to cover.

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